Thursday, August 5, 2010


while looking for large wall decal I came across a number that are ‘blackboards’.  The inverted commas are because they now seem to be called ‘wet wipe’ boards and you can buy pens to use instead of chalk.

These two etsy shops caught my eye

 Signs by SJ has perpetual calendars and also labels for boxes etc

Bradens Grace has notice boards in various shapes as well as labels

image I also love these dry erase boards

by Simple Shapes, and they do a perpetual calendar too

And my last word on decals {for now} I love these by Ellynelly











but they are not making any at the moment while they move to Australia.

I think I need more walls so that I can use all of these decals as well as having furniture and art against walls.


Elizabeth said...

Growing up we had a large real blackboard in our kitchen. Each morning my mother would write down the chores for all five children and they had better be done by the time she got home from work! It's hard to get a real blackboard now a days, but our white board does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

have you checked out urban outfitters home stuff? i saw this cute talk bubble dry erase board the other day -

happy shopping! :)