Thursday, January 21, 2010

writing on photos

I’m enjoying playing with the technique of putting text on a photo. 

coffee hunt

I used a photo of a flat white that I took middle of last year (coffee is a recurring theme in my albums) and  cropped it to give a large plain area to write on with enough of the coffee to illustrate. This one was done using picasa – the fonts are rub this (for the title) and papyrus. I used the colour picker to make the font one of the colours in the froth.

comment tile


humel said...

Great effect, very cleverly done :-)

Lizzie said...

That is very clever! I remember Shimelle doing a post about photo editing sites online and showing how text can be added to photos etc. This is a really nice example of those techniques.
I wonder if you would find your "flat white" coffee in a good Italian cafe? Their coffee isn't always as frothy and fancy as the new coffee houses...