Friday, January 15, 2010

Hellium digi template

Last week I was lucky enough to win a didgi template in the Liberty elements series over at Liberty Cottage.  Kate’s designs have great simple lines and really focus on photos and writing.  Here is my first use of the template.

seahouses photoshoot web

The journaling says : a trip to the beach results in lots of photos of the sea and waves and rocks and birds.  Compulsory is the photo of the feet of everyone.  Fish and chips with mushy peas is another part of the Seahouses tradition.  The cafes give you a pot of tea and sliced white bread too and the fish is very fresh.  Sea air gives you an appetite.

It was a lot of fun using this design because it fits 4 photos.  This is the first time that I have done journaling ontop of a photo – I need to play with the font and colour some more to optimise readability.

Do you have any tips on putting journaling on the photo?

If you want to see more in the series – the first was won by Amy and the rest are still to come to keep an eye out on the Liberty Cottage website.

comment tile


humel said...

Great layout :-)

I don't know if I have tips as such for journaling on photos - I have done it a bit, but I basically just play around with font size and colour till I can see it clearly. Sometimes making it bold helps to make it clearer. Sorry I can't be of more help! x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I really like the feet shot. I don't do digital, so can't help there, but I do like slickwriters for writing on IRL photos.

Melissa said...

Great template, and photos. With the journaling have you tried using the same colour as your title and keeping it within the light coloured area, ie start below the land in the photo.

Sian said...

I really love the look of journaling on a works so well here. I don't do digi, so no advice..but it looks to me like you are doing just fine!