Thursday, January 7, 2010

first try with ATCs

I’ve known a bit about Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for several years but never thought about doing one, in part because I thought they had to be ‘art’.  Today I was reading more about them after the post on kind over matter and discovered that the range of acceptable forms includes photography.

So I decided to have a go at some rather than watch the icicles forming outside the window. 

Here are my first five.  What do your think – honestly – would you be happy to receive one of these in an exchange.  (and thanks to Rinda for one of the quotes).

atc1  atc 5

atc 3  atc2

atc 4

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humel said...

Honestly, truly - I would LOVE to receive one of these! :-) What a fabulous idea, I will definitely be giving this a go myself. Thanks for the inspiration x

Lizzie said...

These are so lovely, Helena! I really would like to receive one, although if you plan to join in an ATC swap, check that the rules for that swap do allow photo-only cards - just to avoid any misunderstandings by people who expect them to have bits stuck on or something.

These would also be lovely gifts for friends or family. You could tuck one into a birthday card, to make someone smile, as they are flat and wouldn't cost extra to post.

Love them!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love these! Thanks for the shout-out. My favorite is "attempt the impossible," though!