Monday, January 25, 2010

when is it too small to keep?

24th (7)

this is a small part of my collection of small bits of card.  I use my scraps a lot on pages and on cards.  Funnily enough a bag of scrap is one thing I find missing from digi scrapping  because having endless use of whole pages just does not feel the same.

The best tip that I picked up along the way was to take the time to trim off odd edges and angles before putting the scrap away.


24th2But the burning question is when is a scrap too small to be worth keeping?  

I read somewhere about throwing away anything smaller than your thumbnail.  Not sure what the logic of that rule is.



But I find it hard to throw out even pieces that small if they are a nice colour or still have some design showing.  So to clear them out from my bag I decided to stick them all onto a piece of card to make a patchwork that I could use on something – perhaps.  In any case the gluing and placing of the bits made me smile.  Light is bad in photo – but  you get the general idea.

25th (19)

do you keep small scraps and what rules do you have for which to keep?





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Lizzie said...

Ha, ha! Helena, I have several bags of paper and card scraps, saved by (general) colour! I use the bits for all kinds of things. Sometimes you just need a tiny piece of something, to finish of your project. Papers are so expensive, that it seems criminal to throw the little pieces away!
The little scrap-patchwork is a great thing in itself. Maybe you should make several and frame them up for your craft-space wall. A little reminder of some enjoyable crafting hours well spent, perhaps?

sharyncarlson said...

Wow, I was just thinking about this topic this weekend. I tend to keep more scraps than I will ever actually use. I mean, I have a HUGE box of scraps. I clearly need to develop a new rule for what to keep and what to toss.

humel said...

lol! Oh yes, I'm a keeper :-) I have lots of plastic tubs left over from takeaways, and all my scraps are organised by colour in those tubs. I don't have a rule really about what size to keep - if it's big enough to punch a shape from, I keep it - and I have some very small punches!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes, I save even very small pieces of papers and card stock. I use the tiny pieces for mosaics. No need to waste it!

Helena, thanks so much for your comments on my art journal experience blog. They are very much appreciated.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I toss - all the time! I don't keep anything smaller than 3.5x5 and I cut all my small pieces into squares or rectangles and put them into baskets by color. I have so much paper and four baskets of "small pieces".

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

I keep most scraps - they accumulate in an untidy pile on my desk until I feel the need to put them into colour co-ordinated folders. I did use a whole lot recently to make patchwork thank you cards.

Sian said...

I find it almost impossible to throw any scrap out. I think making patchwork cards sounds like an excellent solution!