Friday, November 13, 2009

tips for picasa collages

I like to manipulate photos before I print them and to print in smaller sizes for some projects and I use picasa to do it all.  As I’ve been using the program I’ve discovered some tips that make things easier.

IMG_0479 tip 1 – choosing the right size to crop the individual photos means you have more control over the final collage.  The right size depends upon ration of height to width rather than the actual size of the finished photo. The following assume a normal photo print (4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 cm)












2 photos

If I want 2 small prints then I crop each to  small print (9 x 13 cm)






4 photos

If I want 4 small prints then I crop each to the large print (10 x 15 cm  which is 4 x 6 inches)







If I want squares – be it 6 (2 rows of 3) or 12 (3 rows of 4) then choose the square which is described as CD cover.




IMG_0481 tip 2 – use the grid spacing tool to provide colour between photos either to differentiate them in a collage or to provide clear cutting lines if you are wanting small prints.  To choose the colour click in the box below where it says background option.  You can use the dropper to choose from the colour spectrum or to choose a colour from one of the photos.










comment tile

do you have any picasa tips or questions or stumbling blocks?


scrappyjacky said...

This is really helpful...thanks.

Linda said...

great idea for a regular spot!

Gemma* said...

i love picasa too, just discovered the 'create video' option which allows you to make a slideshow of your pics to upload to youtube. so much easier than messing with movie maker :)

Angela2932 said...

I've wondered about good ways to make collages. . . am thinking about looking at flickr badges. Did you read Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers? I'm thinking that's where the quote in upper left came from. I loved that book.

Sian said...

Now this is useful! Thank you. I love Picasa but i'm not very technical when it comes to its finer features!

RachelB said...

Thanks for the tutorial, It is very useful. I have been wondering for a while how that was done!

Jane said...

I use Picasa all the time, I find it is a good way to store all my digi stuff too. Thanks for the tips.

S said...

I use Picasa too for collages. I like the option for the photos to just look like you've dropped them on the desk. You can keep shuffling them around until you get close to what you want and then fine-tune size and placement by clicking and dragging (but not shape, so remember to do that first.) Good tips, thanks for sharing.

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Thanks for sharing! I've tried this before but wasn't very happy, I'll give it another go!

{melissa} said...

wow, thanks for the tips!

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh fab tips, thanx loads im going off to practice
jo xxx