Wednesday, November 11, 2009

online fun


I love the widget on etsy that lets you browse by colour.  I like the ability to hunt for lovely things in a particular colour but I also just love to play with the screen that lets you choose the colour because of all the yummy colour bubbles it creates – instant smile for me.

For a longer fun distraction how about quilt based puzzles? My mum introduced me to an online puzzle game where the pictures that you make are patchwork patterns or pictures using lots of colour and pattern.  Good mix of fun, frustration and design.

comment tile


Margie said...

Great idea for a survey. I'll check back to see the final results. And I love your little comment stick men! Very cute.

Amy said...

The dancing stick people are very cute and so clever!
I've voted - end results will be interesting.

dottydotty said...

thansk for sharing the game although my opponents were so much quicker than me!!!!!!!!

Sian said...

Interesting to see the survey results coming through. I'll be checking back too.

Cat said...

I also love that feature on Etsy!!