Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have you seen this ….?

Today I’m sharing five things that I discovered recently that make my creative nerve buzz – hope something here makes you smile too.

ceramic 1 ceramic 2

Beautiful, bold ceramic wall pieces using NZ plants and birds, from steiner ceramics. Everytime I see one I want to touch it because they are so 3D. I also love that you can have one where the fern is a dimple and one where the fern is a bump.

I laugh every time I go onto this site. The humour is a bit geeky, a bit clever, a bit edgy.


Vibrant colours and zany use of zips covering the walls of a shop I wandered past in Canberra – how could I not walk in. And so I discovered the smiggle range of pencil cases and stationery and other yummy stuff. The first problem was choosing, the 2nd was fitting it all into my suitcase to bring it home – then I discovered they have shops in NZ as well as Australia.

The thrill of finding that there is a new edition to a trilogy or series I’ve read and enjoyed. So even greater excitement when I saw that Robin Hobb had started a new trilogy following on from the Liveship trilogy so I knew I would love it – and I did.

My last one is total geek and I can’t show you a picture but it will do wonders for your pictures. On this site you can convert images between file types. For instance if you have an image as a pdf and you want it as a jpeg this site will do it (fast). it does lots of other image type transfers too.

evening colours

And finally a photo I took on a walk along the beach as the sun was setting – as a reminder I don’t need to spend money to get a creative buzz and smile.


Enjoy the Ride said...

Have never heard of Robin Hobb, but it's now added to my list of things to read! Thanks for sharing all of these sites... awesome! :)

Meg said...

Such a fun collection! Thank you for sharing it!

humel said...

Ooh, is that a rainbow zip I see? ;-) Lovely links, thanks for sharing :-)

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your five faves!

Amy said...

The beach looks fabulous - you live by this? - lucky girl!

Natalie said...

Which beach is that? I miss home (NZ) so much! Maybe I need to get some of those ceramics :)