Saturday, November 28, 2009

irresistible colour

colour tags

In the hardware shop today and drawn to the new colour samples from wattyl because I love colour and because each one is a tag.  So I picked up a handful of colours I love with the idea I will use them for a project. 

Not sure exactly how I will use them – suggestions welcome. Each has a hole so a mini album on a ring seems likely. They are about 5x 2 inches and have writing I would want to cover at one end and along one edge. Perhaps stick a photo on the back of each and then a word on the front?  Or stick them back to back and add smaller photos and writing? 

When I do decide how to use them I will do a post.

comment tile


Maria Ontiveros said...

They are totally yummy colors. Maybe a minialbum of places you really want to visit.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Perfect for a mini album! Great idea :)

melissa said...

great idea for a mini album! you could document a trip with them.