Thursday, November 26, 2009

acknowledging stars

you are a star
Over the past three weeks I’ve been taking part in a class run by Shimelle with lots of other bloggers.  One of the things I discovered was the buzz of receiving comments on my posts. 
Today I am awarding ‘in my eyes you are a star’ awards to four fellow crafting bloggers who I noticed have been leaving lots of comments on a range of blogs from class members. I wanted to recognise people who regularly read and comment on blogs because comments are part of the joy of blogging.
I hope that the four recipients will award ‘in my eyes you are a star’ to some bloggers sometime over the next few months.  The award can be given for any reason, this time I chose to reward comment leavers but next time it will be something else that I want to recognise. 
Anyone is welcome to use the picture to award things that make other bloggers stars in their eyes.
The four lovely bloggers I am awarding this time are
Amy from over at our place
Irene  from a room of my own
Elizabeth from scrapbooking by Lizzie  and journaling by Lizzie
Maria from Gallo Organico


Amy said...

Thanks Helena for such a thoughtful award .... I will certainly pass on the goodness some time into the future :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thank you Helena!!! I do love visiting blogs and commenting. I will proudly display my award and pass it on as well!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Helena, I love visiting blogs and giving comments, I also like to get them! I, too, will proudly display my award and pass it along.

Irene said...

Thank you Helena! What a wonderful surprise today when I arrived back from holiday! I love to leave comments on the blogs I visit and have enjoyed every minute of Shimelle's class! Thanx once again! IreneX