Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three on Thursday - quick on the draw with the camera

I'm joining Mary Lou is sharing 3 photos on a theme. 

At this time of year the swans on the river seem to fly about a lot - just a short way up and down the river - and I can never resist whipping out my phone to try to capture a shot.  It really does remind me of the quick draw scenes in traditional western movies. 

Often I don't get my camera active in time, and sometimes I manage a photo but the swan is not in focus.  This week I've been concentrating on capturing them landing and here are 3 that I managed


Eileen T said...

Great photos - you've done well to capture them especially if you're using your phone.

Patio Postcards said...

Great action photos, the last one is also quite good with the reflection. Thank you for joining in again this week.

Alison said...

Well done on getting these! Xx

Maggie said...

Great shots and I can appreciate how tricky that is.

alexa said...

Quick work! You must have very good hand to eye co-ordination. Great to see the splash of white water as they land.