Thursday, April 20, 2017

3 Faces on Thursday

When I was wandering in London on Saturday I had my eyes open for a theme to use in joining Mary Lou in her Thursday invite to share 3 photos with a theme.

I was drawn to the faces on all of the lampposts along the walkway by the river

and as I wandered along I saw a crowd watching people on one of the small areas of sand beside the river - they were creating sculptures in the sand, including this amazing face

and in the Tate Modern gallery I was intrigued by this knitted two faced piece by Louise Bourgeois


Sian said...

Golly, I thought the sand face was amazing..and then I looked on down and saw the knitted one. What a wonderful trio.

Patio Postcards said...

WOW - those faces are a fantastic find. Thanks for joining in. I admire such artistry, skill & imagination. The face sculpted in sand is quite profound & eerie.

Karen said...

The variety of materials, techniques, and faces is amazing!

Maggie said...

That sand face his really rather creepy but very well done. The other two are amazing as well.

Lady Ella said...

Well what did I see in the town today but a sand sculptor! He was making a couple of very realistic dogs - but I didn't have my camera on me!