Monday, April 10, 2017

Memo Monday - what is the collective noun for sloths?

A big wave to you all as I sit in a nice patch of sun having just put my washing out on the line to dry - a sure sign of spring.

This weekend I did something not exactly new but I last did it in 1981 - met up with 2 school friends and we worked out that was the last time the 3 of us were together - we had each seen each other in pairs since.  Anyone eavesdropping as we chatted and joked would have thought we last saw each other last month - seems a pattern of friendly chat created through 5 years or more of seeing each other everyday at school is easily reignited 30+ years on. 

Saturday morning before I met them, I was at my regular crochet, cake and chat group and showing off my latest make

cute finger sloths.

One of the ladies in our group is planning a craft stall to raise money for charity and I agreed to make her plenty of sloths to sell - which led us to wonder what is the collective noun for sloths.  Google didn't have an answer - we thought a snooze would be appropriate - or to be contrary an excitement.  Anyone know the answer?

Wishing you all a good week


Patio Postcards said...

Cute sloths - they will sell like hotcakes - their little paws will fit nicely around the straps of back packs everywhere! Sloths in a group? Now that's a good one, I'll go with a bunch of slots :)

Happy week ahead.

Maggie said...

Love those sloths. I have friendships like that . You don't see each other for ages and when you meet up it's like you saw each other yesterday.

Lady Ella said...

When I saw your title, my immediate guess was a yawn of sloths. However seeing your suggestion, I'm putting "slumber" on the table.
Either way, they are great!

Lady Ella said...

An inertia of sloths? A LANGUOR of sloths!
I love stuff like this, but I pretty soon get on everyone else's nerves so I promise that's my final word.
Moving on ... pretty much all my friendships are like that, which both good and bad I guess.

Eileen T said...

It's a 'bed' of sloths!

Sian said...

What a great money spinner: they're so cute they'll be very hard to resist!

You have made me stop and think with your lovely story about friends. I have two friends from school I see individually but it wouldn't do any harm at all to suggest a three friend meet up :)

Have a great sloth producing week.

debs14 said...

Those are the very best kind of friends, the ones you don't need to see frequently, but still manage to pick up exactly where you left off.
Such cute sloths, I'm sure they will be a good money spinner.

Karen said...

I love friendships like that, and have had several encounters where the same has happened. Fortunately, I see most of my friends more often than that! Your sloths (looks right, sounds right, but I don't know) are adorable, and sure to be a big hit.

Lady Ella said...

Couldn't resist:
I like Eileen's - but if it's a parliament of owls, a congregation of starlings, maybe a dormitory of sloths? Excitement is funny too!

Alison said...

Love the sloths...and love that when you met your friends you had such a great time...old friends are definitely the best!!! xx

alexa said...

So very clever and very cute. I am sure they'll sell well. Love the suggestions so far for the collective noun. I could only come up with "a slug of sloths'.