Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter photo hunt progress

I’ve been making good progress with the lovely winter photo hunt list that Eileen and Joy have created.  I’ve used items 3 (outside lighting), 8 (a wreath) and 9 (a tree that has lost all its leaves) for my last two pairs.  I’ve been collecting a few more so thought I’d share them today

I’m not sure I’ll see a living robin red breast long enough to get a good photo but 3 of the Christmas cards I’ve received feature a robin in different ways – item 1 done.

tinsel (item 2) is hard to photograph well – I’ll probably try this again in different light

another one that is hard to capture is 15 – candle light – I’ll be on the lookout for another opportunity to try this one too

I liked these stars decorating the window of a big high street story – love the cheeky style – item 4

For item 17 – a ladder – I decided to go for a different perspective and took this one looking down when I was up the ladder hanging lights in my living room.

Thanks to Eileen and Joy for the fun list.


Patio Postcards said...

Wonderful start to your search! We are of alike minds - I posted some of my first WPSH photos today also. I like your stars & I think even with the unusually mild weather, I won't be seeing live Robins, so I'll have to be on the look out for cards or book covers with Robins.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Good idea to take a photo of your cards. We do often see a robin in the garden, but not lately.

alexa said...

You are sprinting away with these. The candle glow is very atmospheric ... Good job with the ladder - I think I'd need more hands!

Louise H said...

Love your inspired take on the Robin photo - which has made me think outside the box on this one too.
Super photos x

Sian said...

I can't go past this post without cheering on the tinsel! I'm a fan too :)

Maggie said...

You are doing well with these. I'm a bit worried about you perched on that ladder taking photos!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the perspective on the ladder photo.
I'm about half way through myself - just posted the windy day as part of my Hello Monday post.

Sandie said...

Some great shots and I also like the ladder perspective.

Eileen T said...

You've made a great start. I love the perspective on the ladder and also those happy stars.

betty said...

Visiting for the scavenger hunt :) I'm taking part in it; just not linking my pictures this time around :)

I like your pictures, especially the star one; how clever :) Also the one with the robin redbreast :) I know I won't see the actual bird here where I live, so been on the lookout for it featured on a card or somewhere else :)

Happy New Year!


Miriam said...

What a great start to the scavenger hunt! Seeing this post made me say 'snap!' then I got my cards out and your card and my card are from the same box but not quite snap! I'll keep looking.

Amanda said...

Some lovely finds there, particularly the robins and the stars. You are right that the tinsel and candle-light are hard to photograph though.