Friday, December 4, 2015

5 in 5 at the aquarium

Another unusual sight, after the anteaters, at the parrot park in Tenerife was an aquarium featuring jellyfish – different types each with the appropriate water and light to replicate where it usually lives.  The shapes were amazing and an easy choice for my 5 in 5 this month – and thanks to Sandie for the lovely meme.  The white ones bottom right are young ones in the hatchery. 


and while we are talking things with tentacles in Tenerife – one morning when I was walking around the harbour I noticed a group of people watching something over the edge of the harbour wall so went to have a look and discovered this man preparing squid – fascinating to see the whole process and the fish in the harbour devouring the bits of skin that he threw to them


almost another 5 in 5 sneaking in here!!


Karen said...

I love seeing all these photos from your trip! I know I've never seen anyone preparing squid!

Patio Postcards said...

Fascinating about both the jellyfish & the squid preparation. Great photos.

Sandie said...

Wonderful to be transported to warmer and brighter climate at this time of year Helena. I like to see fisherman going about their daily work too, it's always fascinating to see what goes on behind the scene. Thank you for sharing these and joining in this month. I am way behind visiting blogs again but promising myself some catch up later today. Right now Christmas card making and writing is shouting!

Maggie said...

Jellyfish are fascinating as long as they are not in the water where I want to swim. I bet that squid tastes lovely and fresh. Thanks for sharing your holiday.

Miriam said...

Your holiday pictures are just so lovely, warm and sunny especially on a cold wet miserable evening here in Weston.