Monday, December 14, 2015

Me on Monday in December

a big gloved wave to Sian and other Monday bloggers and readers.

I enjoyed some hot Pimms with apple juice and wander around the Christmas market in town on Saturday evening with some friends from my sign language class.

I’ve browsed the stalls a few times already, during the day so enjoyed all the lights as we wandered after dark.  The hot drinks are provided in a mug (you pay a deposit which you get back if you return the mug) so had a nice hand warmer as well as the tasty drink while wandering.  Lovely to see so many people out on a chilly evening enjoying the festive sights.

During the day on Saturday and again on Sunday I went to 2 different Christmas craft fairs – as a spectator not a vendor.  Both were so well attended that it was hard to move around and often hard to get up close to a stall for a good look without patient waiting and wriggling into any space that opened up.  Most of the stalls were either ‘things i could make’ or ‘things I don’t use’ or food.  One had some street food vans in their courtyard – I was surprised how small a niche this one was catering for – I do wonder if they can make enough selling one kind of desert
and I had to whip out my camera to capture this sight when out for a walk
look closely – did you notice the legs coming out of the bottom?  It is a man carrying a large tree – it did make me chuckle

Hope you all have a fun and festive week


Eileen T said...

I like the 'walking tree'! Were many people buying from the crème brulee stall? - it seems like a strange thing to have at a winter event.

Hope you have a good week.

Sian said...

That first picture is so gloriously festive. It's a beauty. Though I do like the walking tree..we had one of those ourselves here on Saturday. Very wet the legs got too. And the rest of him!

Hope you continue that festive feeling through the week. Have a good one.

Louise H said...

I saw the outline of Great Britain in that tree, rather than the legs (although I did see those too!). Crème brulee isn't something that I would particularly want to buy at a market, the hot drink sounded much more my style! Have a super week x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So fun that you got to attend all those craft fairs! I attended one myself this past weekend. And I love the idea of paying a deposit for a mug! So much nicer to sip from, and better for the environment. Great idea!

Patio Postcards said...

LOL tree walking ... what a lovely way to wander a fair, with a hot drink in a proper mug. I imagine for you it is quite different being at a craft fair as a spectator not as a vendor - gives it all a different look, which looks very festive. Hoping you have a warm drink feeling all week.

Maggie said...

I like the walking Christmas tree and the warm Pimms sounds ideal.

Miriam said...

Loving the walking tree too. The Christmas markets are getting too big for me now, I don't seem to cope with the crowds so its nice to see your festive photos of one.

alexa said...

Smiling at your ambulatory tree - nice snap! And such a lot of pretty sparkly lights ... I'll have to give markets a miss this year, but am surprised how little I miss them. See what you mean about the dessert - and not particularly one associated with Christmas either, I'd have thought! Hoping you have a good week.

Sandie said...

Walking round with a hot mug of festive drink sounds good to me. Seeing my granddaughter singing carols in a local garden centre where they had a German indoor market was about as festive as I got this year. I like the tree with the legs! Well caught!