Monday, December 7, 2015

me on Monday in December

a big wave to you all and hope you are all warm and dry. 

Saturday was so wet and windy that I stayed inside but yesterday was clear so after a lovely family big breakfast at a well known garden centre cum ‘shopping experience’ I walked along the river which was full nearly to the brim


My sister, who has been flooded in the past, was on river watch but no water entered the house. 

I made good use of a day indoors, tidying away ornaments to make way for decorations


you might have noticed an unexpected selfie in there too.  Having put them all out I decided I need more tinsel so that’s where I’m off to as soon as I hit publish.

On a totally different topic – do any of my UK readers know of a supplier for guacamole without chilli?  I discovered a very tasty version when I was on holiday – heavy on garlic and lemon but no chilli and remembered that I could get it like that in NZ and loved it.  But the supermarkets that I shop in only do a version with chilli and I’d love to know if anyone in UK does a non-chilli version.  I tried searching online but only got recipes.  I know I could make my own but sometime I just want to buy it rather than play avocado roulette – I get tired of how many are not ripe or have large parts I can’t use because they are black.

Hope you all have a good week – now off on a tinsel hunt


Eileen T said...

Sainsburys sell a guacamole which doesn't list chili as an ingredient:

I've not tried this one so I can't tell you what it's like.

Hope your sister's place stays safe and doesn't flood.

Maggie said...

The guacamole reminds me of something on the radio where they were asking what it was made of. A surprising number of people didn't know. Some thought it was peas! I might add that it was Radio 1 that I am tortured into listening to on the school run! I hope your sister's house stays safe.

Jane said...

I hope they all keep safe.

Sian said...

Wow: that river looks very high. I hope everyone stays dry.

I'm so glad to read about another tinsel fan! I know it's not to everyone's taste but I am a diehard tinsel lover. It was always one of my favourite Christmassy things when I was little.

I hope you have a great, delicious gaucamole filled week

Patio Postcards said...

Ah tinsel, so many varieties & styles in the shops. Not allowed in the house at the moment, kittens eat & it creates digestive aliments (I'll say no more) - so wishing you a successful tinsel & chilli free guacamole hunt.

Louise H said...

That water looks worryingly high - hope it subsides soon.
Tinsel is definitely a more is better, but a naughty cat means we avoid anything which may tempt him.
Have a great week.

Barbara said...

I hope your sister's house stays dry, that river is very high. I hope you got your tinsel and your house is decorated to your liking.

Miriam said...

Hope you found your tinsel. I was smiling to myself today as I don't like the stuff but I need a picture of it for the scavenger hunt. Scavenging through the decoration bags I found a bit that obviously missed the huge clear out I had last year!Another item off my list.
I love your unexpected selfie.
I'm sorry to hear that your sister is anxious about her home.

Susanne said...

Not a guac fan here, but I'm loving that shot of the ornaments. Hope the riverbanks hold the water.