Monday, October 26, 2015

me on Monday in October

sitting in a beam of sunlight as I wave to you all.  I’m really noticing the lower sun at the moment with how it comes in the windows and great light for photos.

And on Saturday I was delighted to capture another bit of sunlight magic with a half circle rainbow


I love how the sky looks darker above it – as though the rainbow is a barrier.  There was a slight second rainbow but the camera didn’t register that.

Only one game of rugby each day (happy with both results and looking forward to an antipodian final) which meant I actually had time to do other things each afternoon.

Saturday I helped my Dad run a tasting table at the Community Orchard Apple Day – more photos later in the week.  Interesting to taste the differences and see how people reacted to them.  Good to see lots of interest from kids and one boy of about 9 who methodically tasted them and decided on his top 3 and persuaded his mum to let him buy some.  Several people went for the red ones first but I didn’t think they were the best tasting – interesting how we associate red with sweeter.

Sunday I set our for the shops to get 3 specific items but came home with only 1 and instructions from the other 2 shops to go online to get the items i wanted.  So really I could have just spent 15 minutes at home on the computer to get the 3 items but my first impulse is still to go to the shops.  Have any of you made the switch to thinking online shopping first?

Wishing you all a good week.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! What a great shot. It really does look like everything is under a protective dome. It's rather dull here today, but better than the pouring rain of Saturday. We enjoyed the rugby (all together) too.

Maggie said...

That is a fantastic rainbow shot. Do you suppose there is treasure at both ends? The apple tasting sounds great. Well we all know what happened to Snow White with the red apple. Perhaps stick to green! I am a fan of online shopping but tend to do a mix of both. There is nothing quite like browsing rails. Have a good week!

Sian said...

That's an amazing rainbow. I like the sound of the apple always have something interesting on the go.

Online shopping? I've never tried it for groceries. I'm ashamed to say I buy most of my books online now, though. It's expensive and tedious to get to our bookshop: parking or a bus are both far too expensive

Sian said...

Sorry, hit publish before I'd wished you all the best with your week

Karen said...

Gorgeous photo! Not often I see both ends of a rainbow.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh joy - what a beautiful rainbow - Mother Nature's smile. Ah your question about online vs in person shopping. I have a whole soap box rant about that (lol) but for now I'll just say my first inclination is to shop in person & I don't use the self serve either. Apples, I don't think I could pick a favourite.

Barbara said...

Beautiful rainbow, I love to see dark clouds and sunshine. I shop online quite a lot as with the city being 20 miles away I can justify the postage as I would cost the same in petrol and parking. Orchard Apple Day tasting sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy your week.

Lady Ella said...

I saw an article in the paper this week about a guy in the Borders who is trying to save and replenish community orchards. He's also rescuing old fruit species and grafting them on to eg. hawthorn to make them stronger and more resistant to weather and bugs, and able to survive in different soils. He wants to get British hedgerows full of fruit again.
The rainbow is great (and I can just see the second arc above the main one, on the left of the photo!)

Louise H said...

Oh the thought of an apple tasting session - sounds like heaven . I have to admit there was a time when I only ate Granny Smiths but now I eat lots of different varieties.
I am very much an online shopper - a habit developed when the alternative was to trail around shops with young children in tow. What I do try and do is find small retailers to buy from, rather than large retailers.
And the photo is simply fantastic. Have a good week x

alexa said...

That's the best dark-sky-and-rainbow photo I've ever seen, Helena. You did a great job framing this in the lens. Online versus actual shopping? As forty-five minutes is about the limit of the time I can be away from the house at present, I do use the Internet for shopping. How frustrating to go out looking and not find - though I guess there might be other advantages to being out and about too?

Miriam said...

Oh what a fabulous picture Helena!
I always choose a red apple, as you said its association with sweet is strong in my brain.
Internet shopping comes first with me these days. It's interesting as I thought I would never do that but I would say that 80% of my shopping is done online. In fact, in our house, the answer to 'where will I get... is always Amazon! How things change.
I find that when I do go for a wander in the village or the town I actually enjoy just that. Wandering.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rainbow and so unusual to get both ends of one! I think John would love to go to an apple tasting - he's always on the lookout for a new variety. As for online vs in store shopping usually I prefer to go to an actual shop first - I feel we have to do our part to keep them in business. Far too many shops seem to be closing down lately and blaming it on the internet. I will though do some shopping online like office supplies and books.