Friday, October 9, 2015

5 in 5 in Liverpool

Last month, when I was in Liverpool for a couple of days, I had a quick wander around the Albert Dock area – for those of you who don’t know the city this used to be a busy working port with lots of massive brick warehouses and is now the home to several big art galleries and museums.  I was intrigued by the modern buildings that have been created amongst the old brick ones and how interesting the contrasts were.  I though it would be a great subject for a 5 in 5 – so here are my favourite 5 from 5 minutes of taking photos.


I love how the wheel is still dwarfed by the buildings


I love how the old tiled roof in the front is represented in the white stripe on the roof behind it – and of course the famous Liverbird on top of the clocktower


I had a lot of fun trying different angles to see which of the surrounding old buildings were reflected in this mirror glass section


I love how the angles and textures of the new building are framing the old


I love how the shape of the new buildings match the shape of the old

Thanks to Sandie for the monthly suggestion to take photos in 5 minutes then choose the best 5 to share – I enjoy both the taking of ltos of photos and later the curating of a set of just 5 to post.


Sian said...

They're fascinating pictures..made all the more so by your commentary

Karen said...

Sian's right, of course, about your commentary! I love the mix of old and new. Last week I took a Landmark Tour of some very old buildings that have been converted into very modern looking spaces inside for both living and business. We went on an evening, though, so I have no photos. It was a different kind of contrast, but equally fascinating.

Ruth said...

Liverpool is the nearest city to where I grew up and you've got some great shots ... particularly the rooftops and the reflection.

Sandie said...

What a wonderful collection Helena, I love the contrast and shapes and of course your telling about these makes it all the more interesting. Thank you for taking part and sharing these 5.

Linda said...

Fabulous photos Helena! And all in 5 minutes, wow! I too love the contrast between the old and the new. Looks like you had fabulous weather, lovely blue skies! Makes me want to visit Liverpool soon. X

alexa said...

Very thoughtful and studied shots, Helena - I admire your skill and your eagle eye!

Maggie said...

A great selection of photos. You have depicted the contrast of old and new well. I have only been to Liverpool once and we visited this area with our niece who was at uni there. It was a rather rainy day.

Anonymous said...

great set of photos...I LOVE the reflection in the middle photo!!!!

Gail said...

What a great group of shots Helena. Gives me more to look at when we're there for a day next summer.