Monday, October 19, 2015

me on Monday in October


A weekend of edge of the seat rugby and ‘wow’ rugby and my NZ self is very pleased and my Scottish self sad and amazed how close they came to winning and sympathies to my Irish friends.

And in between the excitement there was some bits of crochet – my finished Halloween amigurumi trio and trying some ideas for items to sell at festive craft fairs.

Also a visit to a craft fair with some of my crafting group colleagues to assess its suitability for us (probably) and to look at stalls we thought looked great so we can apply that to ours (some useful coalescing of views).

And some contemplation of the National Theatre staging of Hamlet – I saw the live broadcast on Thursday – Benedict was, of course, amazing as Hamlet and I loved the set with the larger than life doors and massive table and how dirt and destruction blew in for the second act.  But the costumes annoyed me (I confess to a strong interest in costuming and having done it for amateur groups in the past). Every tie Horatio came on stage I wondered why they chose to illustrate his otherness in plaid and Gertrude’s dresses seemed wrong.

Waving to you all and hoping you have a good week.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Goodness, that Scottish game was exciting (and excruciating) wasn't it? Handy to have a boot in both camps!

Sian said...

I love your ghostly trio! (and the planning sounds good)

I was gutted for Scotland. Wouldn't that have made just the most exciting "upset" story?

Yes. Ever since I saw Julius Caesar done in 80's tracksuits when I was at school, I've been fascinated by the "themes" costumes take. I would love to have seen this

Have a good week Helena

Maria Ontiveros said...

That is so cute!
It's really interesting to read everyone's reaction to the rugby, since it's not a big deal here in the states.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh your Boo Trio are so cute - I am sure they will sell quickly. Sounds like you were torn in some many ways with the Rugby games. Benedict & Hamlet are coming to Toronto & I am toying with the idea of getting tickets maybe I'll save those entertainment dollars for The Royal Ballet's Nutcracker in December instead. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Louise H said...

Love the crochet , super fun. Good luck with the craft fairs x

Karen said...

That ghostly trio is adorable!

Maggie said...

Great little ghosts. Lucky you have the NZ connection to support them. My auntie in NZ has sent my great nephew a baby NZ Rugby shirt. They are supporting them too now!

Sandie said...

I love these ghosts Helena, what a great idea!
I'm not into rugby myself but there has certainly been lots of excitement and disappointment shared. Have a good week.
Liking the new hair style, by the way! Doing some catch up and have just done a post for tomorrows Photo Pairs. At last!

Gail said...

Oh those are so cute! Good luck with the craft fair. Rugby isn't a big thing here, well at least not where we live although they do cover it on some of the sports channels. I find it funny that John isn't interested considering he was born in Scotland and didn't come over here till he was 8. When we were in Auckland we took the ferry over to Wahiki (I think that's it) and shared a table with a family - the 2 little ones kept talking soccer (that is rugby isn't it?) the whole trip - their favourite teams, players etc.

Alison said...

Love those ghosts!xx

Michelle loves allsorts said...

So cute!

Miriam said...

Oh! Ive just seen these, they are wonderful Helena. They are sure to be a sell out on any stall.