Monday, June 29, 2015

me on Monday

a wave I prepared earlier – when this posts I’ll be on a train enjoying some countryside on a train daytrip

over the weekend I enjoyed the sun when it appeared – in case it doesn’t come back for a while! I spent some time in my garden trimming and tidying and eyeing up the emerging fruit.  Later we had a nice walk in a local park and admired a new mural under a bridge


I like the mix of nature and traditional graffiti styles


while trimming the privet hedge I pondered things I love and hate, in response to the challenge posed by Eileen on her blog.  Here are the items I came up with – I resisted going back to make changes as that could be an endless process.  So here are 10 thinks that came to mind when I thought about what I love and hate on Sunday afternoon:

I love

  1. Spring bulbs blooming
  2. Summer fruit
  3. Sound of waves on the shore
  4. Rich colours
  5. Laughter
  6. Small kindnesses
  7. A big book or series driven by a strong narrative – where things happen
  8. A walk with camera
  9. Ideas
  10. Creativity and creating things


I hate

  1. Dusk before dinner
  2. Discrimination of all kinds
  3. Surgery shown on TV
  4. Furry food – such as peaches
  5. Rudeness
  6. Strong artificial smells
  7. Lateness
  8. Finding slugs have eaten the things I planted
  9. Repetitive tasks
  10. Not being able to think of enough items for a list

The challenge then asks me to nominate 10 people to repeat the exercise – but with several blogfriends already nominated we are likely to repeat so I’ll just say – if you want to do this then consider yourself nominated.


Sian said...

Have a great trip!

I'm with you on very many things on both lists. A small kindness and a big book to look forward to is enough to make my day. Enjoy your week

Maggie said...

The mural is very good and quite 3D. Well done on doing your list

Eileen T said...

Hope you enjoy your trip!

Thanks for joining in with the love/hate challenge. I like your lists ... it's not that easy to think of 10 each is it - I kept changing my mind.

Lady Ella said...

Oooh! Good lists! Definitely concur with Love no.6. Small kindnesses are so important and often more meaningful than grand gestures. Hate no. 6 also a bad one for me - a certain migraine factor! As to No. 10 - I have more than enough hobby horses to go around :o)

Patio Postcards said...

Interesting mural - what a talent. I definitely go along with your Hate #10 - is a challenge for me

Jennifer Rose said...

ugh I hate slugs,, we are over run by them every night :/ and they keep eating my flowers dammit

Prairie Jill said...

Waving back at you! Love your lists!

Sandie said...

Hope you enjoyed you day trip Helena. The mural is amazing, I thought the duckling was real and had to study the picture to make out the whole scene. I too like the conflicting contrast of graffiti and nature.
A good love/hate list. I share some with you, especially walks with my camera, small kindnesses, creativity and.... actually more than I realised!! I share some on your second list too and had to laugh at No.10!