Monday, June 15, 2015

me on Monday

someone turned off the sun!!  After lovely, bare arms and shorts weather mid week the cloud and drizzle returned for the weekend – but more sun is promised forecast for later in the week.

Saturday morning found me out in my garden, removing weeds and digging.  I’m the first to admit that gardening is not my forte but I do like picking food from my garden.  So when my Dad offered me some of the seedlings that he had spare I accepted with thanks and then rooted through my recycle bin to find some pots to use as slug protection while they get established.  I can see them out of my kitchen window which should help remind me to water them when we don’t have rain.


In other news, for the second year Dad and I volunteered in the baggage tent for the Moonwalk – an over night 26 mile walk that raises money for breast cancer research. Many walkers wear fancy dress – in particular decorated bras so there is a fun atmosphere as the walkers gather and get ready to set off at midnight. We take their bags, check their number is attached and then store them in number order for easy retrieval by the morning shift.


Other than that is was a weekend of crochet, reading and practicing sign language.

Waving to Sian for prompting us to start each week with a wave, and to all my other lovely blogreaders – wishing you all a good week


Eileen T said...

Good luck with the seedlings. None of mine are doing very well at all so far!

Maggie said...

I have been busy planting too. I think we need some warmer nights

Sian said...

Oh yes: a bit more heat would be very nice indeed. I'm so tempted to actually turn on the heating here..

That's a terrific, useful volunteer job to do. Good stuff. I hope it marks the start of a good week

Barbara said...

I hope the slugs do not get your seedlings, unfortunately they did get quite a few of mine.

Patio Postcards said...

I admire your ability in signing. We have had a lot of rain in the last 2 weeks which makes perfect for snails and slugs. I never thought to keep the seedlings in tubes to protect. I have tried keeping the slugs away with crushed egg shells. (Mary-Lou)

alexa said...

That's such a kind and useful volunteer job to do, Helena ... Seedlings here are in sore need of warmth and sun too! Cold and wet here ... ugh!

Lady Ella said...

Well done for volunteering. Hope it was fun as well as providing that "inner glow". Sounds great.

Missus Wookie said...

Have you taken the bottoms out of those pots? Hope they work to protect the seedlings.

Alison said...

I remember your 'Moon Walk' post from last time flies! Xx