Friday, June 12, 2015

May was


May was a busy and fun filled month with a canal trip, Rugby 7s tournament, my birthday and trip to Bristol where I met up with some lovely blog friends.  All of which have featured in my Monday waves and pairs posts. 

In between these highlights I had a busy and creative month.

I posted a pixel magic piece daily for 100 days project on instagram


and as a consequence took masses of photos of close up of texture or colour.

I re-read the Royal Assassin trilogy by Robyn Hobbs, on my kindle and enjoyed it so much I then immediately started the second trilogy in the related trilogy of trilogies (squared trilogy?).  I first read them over 12 years ago and not in the right order so I had some idea of the characters and setting but could not remember all the details.  Every so often I read about a new character or event and suddenly remember more details about them. 

I crocheted some cute young guinea pigs and managed to add to my pile of blanket squares ready for a South African charity


I’ve enjoyed the spring changes to the birds on the river with the arrival of goslings, ducklings and lots of swans


I have been encouraging my 2 tomato plants and tickling the flowers to pollenate tomatoes – I have a good number of green ones maturing.  In my garden my apple tree and strawbery and raspberry plants are all showing  signs of a good harvest.  My rocket (arugula to my friends over the Atlantic) has gone mad so I have plenty to pick for salads,a long with mint, young kale and sorrel.

Plenty of flowers to appreciate too – for some reason I seem to have been focussed on the white one when pointing my camera in May.


A third of the way into June already – plenty more to watch and do and enjoy – wishing you all a good month.


Sian said...

That's a good round up. I love a catch up, newsy post just as I sit down with a cup of coffee

Patio Postcards said...

Wishing you a happy, but belated, birthday wish & celebrated with cake I hope ;)

Missus Wookie said...

What a lovely set of photos - I don't have any tomatoes ripening yet. I have a fondness for white flowers, and I read those trilogies but haven't reread them in years. Thanks for the reminder :)