Friday, May 22, 2015

the goslings are here



big enough to be eating grass and already used to having people close by – the parents are used to people too so no hissing


two groups of 6, with one group a bit older than the other


I love how both adult and chick are pecking at the grass in this one


and for the third year the mixed couple of one Canada and one Grey Laggard Goose have a chick – the resulting birds do look different but are part of the large group of geese (of both types) who live along the river)


I might not see any cygnets yet as I saw the swan nest abandoned with 5 eggs in it but no sign of the adults – it might have got wet when the river rose after the rain.


Sian said...

Don't you just love the thought of that mixed couple looking at each other and thinking "that's the one for me"?!

Maggie said...

A lovely sight. Shame about the swans nest.

Ruth said...

I love Sian's comment! We had 9 ducklings on the pond in the park last week, yesterday there was only one. :(

Prairie Jill said...

So cute! And I loved the "mixed" couple!

Miriam said...

Wonderful pictures Helena, yes the mixed couple made me smile too.

Sandie said...

Love hearing about your goslings again Helena, a sure sign a new season is with us finally. I've never heard of different types of geese pairing, how interesting. There was much excitement when I was in the Shetlands when a goose was blown off course. They are here in flocks so it seemed strange that it was such a rarity in that part of the country. Our local reservoir has lots of goslings too, such a lovely time of the year.

Anonymous said...

lovely goslings! I like the mixed "parents" in the last photo.
Too bad about the abandoned swan's nest.