Friday, May 8, 2015

5 in 5 reflections

During one of my visits to the open space at the front on the canal boat, I captured plenty of reflection photos in five minutes for Sandie’s lovely 5 in 5 monthly meme and here are my 5 favourites. 

Despite the rain the canal surface was creating lovely reflections,


with just a bit of ripple for added texture



and an some unexpected excitement when some rowers had to turn around quickly to get out of the way – this one looked as if the length of the boat was the same as the width of the canal (the skipper told us that the water is about 1 metre deep – so I guess they could have got out and lifted the boat if necessary)


and my favourite tranquil water scene – who would have guessed this was in the middle of the city?


and I promise that is it for posts from our canal cruise – next week we switch to rugby 7s!


Sian said...

I've loved seeing the canal cruise. Though I'll quite happily look at the 7's too. But you probably guessed that for yourself :)

Tranquil indeed

Maggie said...

I too have enjoyed the canal pictures. They are all so lovely. How do I choose a favourite?

Miriam said...

Reflections, always my favourite. I love the tranquil scene complete with rain. Well it wouldn't be British without, would it?

Sandie said...

It was lovely to come home from my travels and to find these lovely photos of the canal Helena. I love all things watery and the pops of colour certainly brighten the drizzly day.
I love the reflections as always and hope you enjoyed your canal trip. Time to catch up on reading posts and to thank you for joining in again this month. It is always a pleasure to see your photos.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, how beautiful! The last one is my favourite, too.