Monday, May 18, 2015

me on Monday

following the blogland Sian wave on a wet Monday.

My only weekend of May with no diary events it was, of course, full of rain showers.  But I was sustained with chuckles as I remembered bits from  a Friday evening full of laughter watching Dara O’Brien on stage.

Using the rain and wet grass as an excuse not to work in the garden or mow the lawn, I enjoyed suitable pursuits such as playing musical cardigan as I put them on and took them off regularly as the temperature fluctuated.  Also dabbled with water colour


of the pixel kind, transforming a photo of a tulip with Photoshop Elements.

Hoping you all have a good week and that the rain goes away.


Miriam said...

Ha Ha laughing my socks and cardigan off! I play musical cardigan all the time! who knew. gorgeous pixel magic.

Sian said...

Musical cardigans just about covers it here too. That's a great way to put it. here's hoping the rest of the week improves.

I love the tulip

Prairie Jill said...

Ah yes, musical cardigans - always a fun pastime! Love your tulip edit. Waving back to you from Winnipeg - where it snowed last night!! Today is still cold, but the snow has melted, thank goodness, and we'll be warm again tomorrow.

Barbara said...

I like the expression musical cardigan, my jumper came out at the weekend and it has been cold since. I like the watercolour edit.

Alison said...

Would you believe I have come back to rain!...though not to the fun of Musical Cardigans! Xx