Monday, May 25, 2015

me on Monday

enjoying some warmer weather with no rain.

Just right for a day at the Big Nature Festival on Saturday which was handily being held locally.  Knowing that I would be sharing this on a meme created by Sian, the Champion of Storytelling, I couldn’t pass by this site/sight


Plenty of stalls to browse plus some interesting talks on

- using wild plants such as nettle, dandelion, clover

- 10 local places that are great for seeing nature.  I had to laugh and applaud at the last item – Aroundandabout – a reminder to keep your eyes open wherever you are for interesting plants and beasties

- a park ranger led walk talking about the creation of the area from the ash piles deposited by the local coal burning power station.  Lots of interesting stuff but the downside is that we were walking at park ranger speed – although I suspect he thought he was slowing down for us!

Then on Sunday I enjoyed a bit of cute animal crochet with a great free pattern for baby guinea pigs from the talented Kati Galusz


Waving to you all before I head out to enjoy more clear weather – have to use it when it is here!


Sian said...

Drop in Storytelling! How cool is that! I love it

And the guinea pigs? Now there's one for a fundraiser..they're very cute: just the kind of thing teenage girls love on the end of a keyring

Have a great week Helena

Prairie Jill said...

Waving back to you! Sounds like another wonderful weekend.

I spent some of my time on the weekend reading a book you mentioned in a recent post, "Channel Blue". Love it!

Miriam said...

Oh! I would have gone into that tent, what a find. Park rangers and supermarket 'can I help you?' folk must be trained at the same 'high speed walking' academy. Love the baby guinea pigs x Oh! waving on Wednesday.

Alison said...

Love those guinea pigs...and to hear that the sun has been shining! Xx

Sandie said...

I love events like that Helena, you never know what you will find and often there is a nice surprise. I have been for recent walks with rangers too, while in Shetland. Glad that you managed to keep up!