Monday, March 30, 2015

me on Monday


gazing out of the window at another wet and windy day with no prospect of a nice walk with camera. Hoping that the wind won’t blow away all the camellia blooms on the bush opposite – they seem so fragile in a wind.

It was a weekend of such weather which meant plenty of reading and some clutter tidying and old printed photos sorting and braving a dinner of UFO (unidentified freezer offering) which nicely thawed to be marinated chicken and some ‘art therapy’ (seems to be the new word to make colouring-in sound OK for adults!). Plus a slight feeling of disorientation due to the clocks moving an hour.

I did venture out once to visit a new local craft fair but didn’t buy anything as it was one of those ones where I looked at each stall and thought ‘I can make that’. 

Waving to you all and hoping your week is brightened - by sunshine or daffodils


and an extra wave to Sian for this lovely collection of waves each Monday


Eileen T said...

I'm having a week of UFOs - great name for them.

We had the wet and windy weather as well and the garden is looking very battered but it'll have to wait until later in the week to be sorted - we're not forecast any dry days until Saturday.

Karen said...

I love the photo of you gazing out the window! and I've never heard of UFO's before but I know there are some in my freezer despite my new labeling habit.

Sian said...

Waving back as I look out the window here. I can see some daffodils, but it's wet and windy here too so I've put a warming stroganoff in the slow cooker. I'm about to go and see if the heat is on..

I hope it clears up so you can get out and about with the camera soon

Barbara said...

I like the idea of calling all those mystery packages in the freezer UFOs! I often have the same thoughts as you when I visit local craft fairs.

Miriam said...

Ha Ha we had a UFO last week! It tuned out to be a rather lovely sliced roast beef with horseradish gravy! Delicious. Waving from Weston on Wednesday.

Missus Wookie said...

What a lovely sunny photo to counteract a rather grey day.

alexa said...

Your UFO has tickled me pink! Or, rsther, yellow with these lovely blooms. And I have a pang of homesickness looking at that beautiful sandstone opposite.