Friday, March 6, 2015

February was


February was a month with some lovely sunny days to enjoy a walk and coffee on the go.

February was a month with lots of cold and wet days, perfect for staying inside to read and crochet and watch TV.

I read 5 books, all by authors I had enjoyed before.  Alternating crime mysteries with women adventuring into the unknown.


Tired of standing looking at shelves of books with no idea of what to pick, I got organised and set up notes on authors that I have enjoyed with a list of their works that I have already read or got on my shelf waiting.  I also added some from lists of prize winners, best books etc.  All of these notes are on Evernote so that I can read them on my phone when I am faced by shelves of books but I can also update it on my desktop.

On the crochet front my on-going project was a striped, small blanket – finished now.  At the start of the month I made an amigurumi weeping angel (Dr Who character).  In the last week I started experimenting with multi-colour spirals.  First 2 stripes, then 3 then 4 stripes then 6.  I’m thinking about creating a big sun inspired mandala to hang up instead of my winter wreath.  At the moment I’m thinking the 2 colours on the right but with more stripes, maybe even 12. 


February was also a month of great light

creating lovely colour on the beach


and beautiful soft sunsets



Miriam said...

Sounds like it was a lovely month for you, your pictures are beautiful. The spiral on the far right is lovely, perfect for a sun. So creative!

Sian said...

I love your "February" picture. And your crochet, of course. I'm thinking March is going to bring more light to help with end darning in here lol

alexa said...

Your crocheted spirals are very unusual and so effective - not seen this shape before. And I always enjoy your sea photos and feel nostalgic for my ancestors came from Aberdour ...

Maria Ontiveros said...

We had gorgeous weather all through February. I read and enjoyed Americanah (as did my book group).

Prairie Jill said...

What a wonderful month! (But be careful with those Weeping Angels!) Love your beach shots!

Gail said...

You're inspiring me to get my crochet hooks out and make something. I love your idea of organizing authors & books. From what I've heard of February here makes me glad we went down south. It was evidently the coldest ever recorded.