Friday, March 20, 2015

final finds

As the end of winter nears, I’ve found the final items in the winter scavenger hunt – thank you to Eileen and Joy for taking the initiative and providing this fun list.


19 street musician – there is a piper on the main street in Edinburgh most of the time and I finally managed a photo without any tourists


8 a fish – I noticed this was part of a sculpted column in the local theatre – I love their big lips


2 – someone wearing a funny hat – in this case an Italian rugby fan in town for the match


16 – a collection – not sure why this was the last one I took when it has been on my living room wall since I first read the list

and finally one of the subs because I didn’t find anything that worked for me for ‘someone dressed for the season’


new life – happy to see rhubarb emerge from the earth

Which means I found 20 items and feel nicely satisfied at a list full of ticks.


Sandie said...

Lovely photos Helena, I especially like the rhubarb. It is one of my favourite fruits and I look forward to crumbles and pies. Sadly I don't have space or success in growing it. When I had some on the allotment it looked really healthy then went to seed before I could pick it :(
Well done on completing the scavenger hunt. I got started then lost momentum. I'll have to do a check to see if I have photos I can use.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job.
I never found the door knocker or the musician. But I did find both of the alternates. I guess I should do a wind-up post.

Eileen T said...

Well done on getting them all. I used to live near a piper who practiced on the green every Sunday morning ... I love the bagpipes and I miss his playing. The Italian rugby fan was a good find!

Maggie said...

Great lot of finds! Love the Roman hat and the piper. I must ask about or even go and look at our rhubarb. We traditionally have the first pull on Easter Sunday

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting them all! I had to laugh at your comment on the collection one. Ahhh, rhubarb - I haven't had any in ages. I'll have to look out for some at the farmers markets this year.

joy said...

Well done Helena, and thanks for taking part, Joy x x

Miriam said...

Great finds, just love the 'funny hat' and the fish and the rhubarb! I have rhubarb soon as a pair.

Prairie Jill said...

Well done! It's been fun seeing the shots you've collected.