Monday, January 12, 2015

Me on Monday


I would be waving but that would make me spill my lovely hot coffee – I’m waving in my mind and thanking Sian for her Monday meme.

It was a weekend of trying to keep out of the rain showers but still venture outside for shopping and a walk and coffee and visiting.

It was a weekend of crochet (hat and scarf set) and thinking about my next crochet project and watching old Dr Who episodes and enjoying the last of the panettone I bought last month.

It’s going to be a week of more dodging showers or getting caught and remembering ‘it is only wet!’; of back to sign language class and hoping I can remember all the basics; of visiting the new bakery; of getting back to the winter scavenger hunt list – there must be some interesting door knockers in Edinburgh somewhere!

Hope you all have a good week despite whatever the weather is throwing at you.


Sian said...

I bet you will find a gorgeous door knocker.

Just before we went to the airport we were watching the cross country on the tv and seeing the snow where you are. Keep warm this week and have a good one!

Prairie Jill said...

Ooh, that coffee looks wonderful! Any weekend that involves watching Dr Who sounds good to me.
Waving to you!

Sandie said...

It's good to get back to classes and have interesting things to do, looking for door knockers sounds fun to me! Have a good week and hope the wind and rain starts to blow in a different direction for you.

Alison said...

I have to say that I think the door knockers might stump me!!xx

alexa said...

Isn't that a pretty coffee? I wish we had places who could do that here - or that I knew how to do it myself! Hoping you keep warm and dry - it certainly sounds as if it could be a very productive week.