Monday, January 26, 2015

Me on Monday

waving gently as I feel like I’m moving through porridge today thanks to a cold I acquired over the weekend.

But it was a grand weekend as I travelled to Aberdeen and back 30 years to visit an old school friend and walk around our old haunts.  She still lives in the area, in a house we used to walk past on the way home from school.

It was a weekend of reminiscing, patching together shared memories, catching up on what we’ve been doing since then, sharing news of other school friends and wandering around to see what was the same and what had changed (plenty of both). We were lucky to have clear skies and no rain and managed to traverse the patches of ice on some shaded paths.


hope you all have a good week and thanks to Sian for prompting us to wave on Mondays


Jane said...

sounds like a lovely weekend

Maggie said...

Nothing like a reunion and trip down memory lane!

Karen said...

What fun, and a lovely photo!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love that photograph!

Miriam said...

Waving to you...What a lovely smiley photo. I spotted your bag, it is very similar to the oneI bought in Rome in September I love it! purple is my colour and a lady who wears a red coat and a purple bag is definitely a lady after my own heart. :)

Sian said...

Now that sounds like a grand weekend :)

I hope the cold is starting to recede so that I can happily wish you a good rest of the week

Prairie Jill said...

Gently waving back to you! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.