Friday, May 9, 2014

5 in 5 in May in my flower garden

Taking Sandie’s suggestion to take plenty of photos in 5 minutes and then choose the 5 best.  I went into my front, flower garden and clicked away – often without looking at the screen on the back of the camera as I tried low and different angles to get near to the flowers.  It was fun to experiment like this – thanks Sandie.

So here are my picks and if I had smell-o-vision you would be smelling lavender as I brush against the lavender bush as I walk into the garden


lovely bluebells and marigolds giving colour now and plenty of promise of pinks and roses


lovely delicate lily of the valley blooming already – these are my birthday flowers so hope some are still flowering at the end of the month


I love this combination of plant components – leaves, thorns and flower


not forgetting the annoyingly ever present aphids (the spots on the leaves) which I squash regularly


and plenty of lovely ladybirds around – pretty and they also eat aphids


Miriam said...

These are so beautiful. Love the flower thorn & smooth leaf combo. I just noticed my lily of the valley yesterday it is in such an awkward place to photograph, I'll look at yours & pretend they are mine :)

Karen said...

So many lovely things in your garden. I love the ladybug!

Sian said...

You have a gorgeous collection of flowers in your garden. Yes, I've noticed ladybirds this year when I haven't for a long time. I haven't managed to get a lovely photo like this yet though

alexa said...

Such lovely close-ups - you capture the fresh greenness of this time of year so well.

Sandie said...

Thank you for taking part again this month, Helena. I always love what you share and these photos of your garden are lovely. I smiled when you wrote about getting low and just aiming without looking through the viewfinder. I do this too! Sometimes you have a lovely surprise and it gives a great angle. I love all these, but especially the contrast of the thorn and the flower.

Anonymous said...

They all look lovely but I'm struck with how you've got the beauty of the leaves. Most people concentrate on the blooms I think and sadly ignore the leaves.

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots! I really like the thorns....
I am very jealous of your signs of my plants yet this spring...