Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep pushing those abstract ideas

Bonnie is keeping us on our creative toes with her suggestions for PhotoArt Friday.  For this week she suggested creating abstract using only her textures.  ‘Do you mean only your textures and photos@ I asked;  ‘No’, she said’ ‘I’d thought just textures’.  Ok, I thought let’s give it a try – and what fun I had

I started by cutting scruffy quadrangles from 7 textures that I chose pretty randomly.  i turned them all black and white so that the texture was the focus and then arranged them in an abstract, pleasing to me, way.


Nice, I thought but Bonnie has suggested trying something new, again and again.

So I thought I’d add some textures to this and keep the resultant colours.  And I created 4 which I liked and rather than just have 4 items in the gallery I put them together


Even better, I thought so perhaps repeating them some more would make it even better


Still looking good so may as well keep repeating



Not so keen on this last one so went back to the one before and again I was tempted to stop there but thought ‘what would happen if I added the original on top and blended that in different blending modes?’



Really pleased with both of these so decided to stop.

Thanks to Bonnie for the prompt and for the suggestion of trying it again, and again, and again.  Interested to see how others respond to the challenge.


Miriam said...

Fabulous Helena, I love how you posted your various stages, great idea. I really like the second one.
Love your new blog header

alexa said...

Wow, just goes to illustrate your imagination and flair! I especially like where you ended up.

linda said...

These are exceptional, Helena! I love the idea of cutting up the textures and combining the pieces. I actually did something along those lines in my piece. I love the second one, the colors of the added textures create wonderful light and shadow effects and great depth.
But the next to last one really blows me away. I could easily see this, hugely enlarges and hanging on a wall in a modern art museum or gallery.
Kudos for your wonderful work!

Kerri said...

WOW - these turned out GREAT!

The Artful Diva said...

amazing what you accomplished with just a few textures - love it!

Sian said...

How inspired..they have a distinctly Scottish feel to them too, which I think is interesting

humel said...

Wow (which I always seem to say when I comment on your blog!) You really took this idea to the max - wow!

Ewa Samples said...

this is great!

Amy said...

Second from the bottom is fabulous - it's the sort of thing I'd hang on the wall!

Bonnie said...

Genius, Helena!!! I adore the second image in your post. I also imagine that sharpening or embossing would really make the different shapes pop ... just a thought.

You truly are an art 'maven'!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my gosh Helena! These are amazing!

Ida said...

Wow you really took on this challenge with gusto. Your results were wonderful. I like the idea of repeating the textures like you did (may have to try that at some point.) Some of the end ones reminded me of jigsaw puzzles.

Currie Silver said...

what a wonderful adventure, Helena!!! I really love the 6th one down, it is so painterly and mysterious and the colours are deLIGHTfull!!

I love the whole feel of this post as it was an opportunity to ride along.

I can see that your What would happen if?! is working at wondrous warp speed.

GORGEOSITY in the extreeeeeem!!
and fun.
and creative genius-ish, too!!