Monday, March 11, 2013

multi media fun

While my main creative space is my computer, I’ve been creating across a range of media recently – concurrent multi-media rather than the normal kind, I guess

I’ve liberated my art


I had the postcards printed with Moo and was very pleased with the ease of the online process and the quality of the cards.  I used the minimum quantity – 20 – and chose 10 images to print.  They came out at 50p (74c US) each. I’ve sent off the requisite 5 to Kat and am looking forward to receiving 6 back in April.  Sign up is open until 17 March if you’ve been thinking about participating and haven’t done so yet.

I finally found a knitting group that I enjoy – with the right combination of relaxed about the knitting; snacks they bring and chat topics.  Over half the members are new to knitting so I spend some of my time each session helping others with their knitting.  Last week I taught someone to crochet – she was so pleased as she has been trying to learn for months and finally made a 2 ring granny square.   I’m knitting squares for a South African charity which sews them together to make blankets for orphans, and most of the new knitters have decided to create squares as they learn different techniques too.

I strung some amber beads that my Mum has had for years. 


I alternated the amber with pairs of small bright beads from my stash – the result is lovely and bright (for spring if it ever appears). I made it really long so that I can create a big knot as in the image or loop it round my neck twice.  It also means I didn’t have to fiddle with a fastening.  I strung it on embroidery thread – also from my stash.

Which crafty media have you been using recently?


Miriam said...

Glad you found a nice knit & natter, I am going to one tomorrow evening! I am busy making pictures on my iPad, haven't the courage to show them yet and am waiting for my cards also from moo. xx

Miriam said...

ps how are you doing with your lists? I'm keeping up going to try to put my book together this week.

Sian said...

A knitting group sounds wonderful! I've been doing some easy stocking stitch for a "baseball style" jumper in front of the tv in the evenings.

I like your beads too

alexa said...

Those beads look so pretty! And you clearly have lots of talent on several creative fronts!

Alison said...

Glad you mentioned the snacks at your Knitting have reminded me to get some for our one tomorrow!..those beads are lovely!
Alison xx