Monday, September 17, 2012

around my Dhaka office

For the last week I’ve been in the office preparing for the workshop that starts on Tuesday.  I thought I’d share some photos of the office.  The photos I used last Monday were what I see out of my office window.  If I turn the other way looking into the room I see my desk.


Bangladeshi tend to eat tasty snacks mid morning and afternoon and we often have these tasty fried treats – like a very spicy samosa that is round rather than a triangle.  I pass on the fresh chilly that is served with them


For lunch we sometimes go the the canteen in a nearby building and sometimes have it delivered from that canteen.  Always a big helping of plain rice and then a curry – this is chicken and potato - which comes in a plastic bag stapled shut.  There is always a piece of lime, and green chillies for those who want.


On Thursday we had birthday cake for afternoon snack as two office colleagues had celebrated a birthday that week.  Heavily decorated cakes are popular and can be seen in many bakery windows.


There is a tradition that the birthday person is fed some of the cake – I think borrowed from seeing the sharing of cake on USA weddings on TV


I think it interesting that the women wear traditional Bangla clothes (long tunic and trousers and a scarf) but the men have all adopted the western norm of shirt and trousers – albeit often in bright colours.

So there you have some tasters on my office at the moment.  I plan to share some shots taken while driving around the city, later in the week.


Sian said...

You know how much I always enjoy your travel shots :) The curry looks very good.

Elizabeth said...

Your office is very modern looking, and neat! It is interesting that the women wearing traditional garb but the men don't. I could attach some significance to that but the women look so beautiful in their dress I decided not to. Never stop sharing your travels with us, please.

humel said...

Fascinating glimpses :) Lovely to see so much yummy food!!

Miriam said...

I so enjoy your travel posts Helena, love the look of the curry!