Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer inspiration

Last year my favourite creative challenge was Colours of Summer where we had a single colour prompt each week and participants were invited to create a piece in the medium of their choice.  I created digi art (not photo based) and added a Dr Seuss quote to each.  I like my pieces so much that I had 5 of them printed onto coffee mugs that I use everyday.


This week Kirstin launched the new Summer of Colour with ice-cream flavour colour inspiration giving a colour palette each week – the first is vibrant orange and pink.

I’ll be creating digitally again but I wanted a theme to tie them all together and give me a starting point for each week – having the quotes last year really worked for me. 

I saw the fabulous, vibrant colours on Monday but still had not come up with a uniting theme.  So I went for a walk because I’ve found that I often have good creative ideas when I let my mind wander on a walk.  The recent rain and sun means everything is looking lush beside the river

And the idea emerged – there are 6 colours across the summer so I’ll feature one letter from the word ‘create’ on each of the pieces and end up with a word art creation to add to the wall in my craftroom alongside the one I created using different crafts.


Invigorated by this new plan I set to work on Photoshop Elements as soon as I got back – ready for the reveal on Kirstin’s blog next Monday (see button on left panel).

Anyone else playing along with the ice-cream colours?  And what do you do to prompt creative ideas?


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great idea. May put this into my inspiration file.

Alison said...

Looking forward to seeing the outcome!
Alison xx

Alison said...

Looking forward to seeing the outcome!
Alison xx

Carletta said...

I so remember your Dr. Seuss from last year and loved it.
You sound like you have a great place start this new challenge.
Looking forward to seeing what transpires. I bet it will be wonderful. :)