Friday, June 29, 2012

Painting with pixels

For Friday PhotoArt this week Bonnie suggested that we make a photo look like a painting – a nice contrast to the years when painters tried for ‘photographic capture’ in their art.

Earlier this year I enjoyed an exhibition of painters from Impressionism and beyond with a focus on their obsession with capturing light.  So I chose some photos where light is a strong feature to use for this creative play.


First I lightened the photo; then added Pixel Dust PhotoArt texture painterly on multiply blending mode at 62%; then I duplicated the original in softlight blending mode at 60%; flattened and duplicated; added pencil stroke filter and blended in hardlight.


I chose this photo because for many years we had an oil painting by my Grampy on our wall of willow trees.

I duplicated the image and used multiply blending mode at 62% on the top layer; then I added Pixel Dust PhotoArt texture old master twice – the first I used softlight blending mode and the top layer i used multiply blending mode both on 60%.  I flattened and then applied the paint daubs filter then I added the original using the hardlight blending mode at 62%


First I applied several artistic filters (sorry didn’t note which ones); added Pixel Dust PhotoArt texture Impressionist in softlight blending mode at 60% and then the painterly texture in multiply blending mode at 66%.

I had a lot of fun playing with painting effects and look forward to see what others have done.


Maria Ontiveros said...

These are amazing - the first one in particular looks exactly like a painting!

Jeanne said...

Think you have done a lovely job creating these "paintings " with your lovely photos

ormbunke said...

Jag har njutit en lång stund av dina bilder. Visst är det kul att leka med bilderna. Monet är min favoritkonstnär. Tack för din kommentar. Ha de gott i helgen.

msdewberry said...

Love these especially the one with the big trees. I love hearing how others process photos as well, it gives me some ideas!
Thanks too for visiting my blog!

Sherri B. said...

These are all wonderful - the first one looks just like a painting!

Elizabeth said...

Love the trees and how they shadow in the water.

Bonnie said...

What fabulous editing, Helena! I especially like the top and bottom ones. They are all different and each one very attractive. Thank you for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday.

Miriam said...

Absolutely gorgeous Helena. I love the last one.

Merike said...

The first one is my favourite. Painting effect is great. Light and blue colors works very well :)

Ida said...

These are all great. I think the last one is my favorite.

Marilyn said...

These are beautiful. I love the last one!!