Wednesday, June 13, 2012

its all about the colour

I went to a weaving workshop last week for some creative play.  The workshop was set up as ‘here are the materials – go have some fun’.  The host said that the process of weaving was easy and that the creativity was in the choice of colour and texture and that she always enjoyed seeing how different the pieces were at the end of a workshop based just of different colour choices. 

There were lots of bags of wool of varying textures and colours and we all had fun rummaging to find several to start off with.  I'd brought some pieces of paua to incorporate and chose purples and reds for my piece.

The looms we were using were strung over a wooden picture frame with clits cut top and bottom to hold the thread – very simple and effective


The weaving process is easy which meant we all had time to chat and give advice to each other on which yarn to choose next.  None of us at the workshop were normally yarn crafters but all had fancied a dabble in a different medium for a few hours.  The piece soon built up


I left all the ends hanging and dealt with them at the end but next time I’d either weave them in or leave a tail on each piece to create a fringed edge.  We all managed to fill our frame in a little over the 2 hours allotted.  We cut the strings at the back and tied them tight to keep the weave tight.

I decided to put mine into a frame, with the glass removed, which meant that all the ends are hidden behind the back piece and I didn’t have to fiddle with finishing them off – a stage that I’ve often stalled at.


The previous photo is  a better reproduction of the richness of the colours. 

I’m very pleased with my piece and had a fun afternoon playing with a different material.  Now I’m thinking of using up some of my embroidery floss stash on some small woven pieces.

has anyone else dabbled in weaving ?


Sian said...

I've never tried weaving. This is lovely - I especially like the buttons woven in for added texture

Elizabeth said...

Love your finished product. Yes, I have tried weaving on a hand held loom (similar to the one you used.) I did a scarp and then decided it wasn't for me. It was fun to try though.

Alison said...

I've on;y ever done paper weaving with children in school...the colours you chose for your piece work beautifully together!
Alison xx

Melissa said...

What a fun piece & it sounds like it was an enjoyable workshop. I've never tried weaving.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the finished product! I remember teaching weaving to kindergarten children as a way to teach small motor dexterity.

Ginger said...

The color combination is pretty. I've not tried weaving either, but I could see how one might take it up as a hobby!

Terrie Purkey said...

I love this ! I love the texture and the added dimension of the mother of pearl and certainly the colors. Really pretty!