Friday, September 30, 2011

that golden hour

One thing that I like about autumn is that I am out and about during the ‘golden hour’ which is so good for photos.  On Saturday we took a walk with cameras around the harbour and caught wonderful reflections and soft warm light on the walls and great shadow and silhouettes.

Here are a sample that I tweaked in PSE


I added a brush stroke filter – brushed edges and cropped for the panoramic dimensions.


I changed the levels and hue slightly to emphasise the sunlight and shadows



In both of these I placed the camera close to the plants growing on the wall and angled so that the sky was behind them.  I added Bonnie’s dappled dawn texture in soft light.


My sister is sitting on the steps taking photos.  I used the poster edge filter (my new favourite).  I love the colours in this one.

All together I enjoyed tweaking the photos with subtle effects, sometimes less is more.

I’m linking up with Friday Photo Art – loving the range of images that people are sharing.


Lizzie said...

Yes, I like the subtle effects too - didn't even notice them, until you explained what you'd done to enhance your photos. I like this selection - especially the sun-on-the-water shot and the interesting plants on the wall.

Miriam said...

I really love the picture of your sister. Thanks for the steer to Friday Photo Art.

humel said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Like Miriam, I particularly like the shot of your sister, but they're all fab :)

johanna said...

all these photos are so awesome!

Mariane said...

They are great all of them - good work :)

Bonnie said...

So many interesting angles, compositions and textures. I love poster edges too! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

Alison said...

That picture of your sister is definately my favourite!
Alison xx

Pat said...

I love your artistic results!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful works, especially I like the last one.

Regards and best wishes

alexa said...

How brilliant are these ... that last one of your sister is stunning. I really must learn how to do this!

Ida said...

Wonderful group of photo's. My favorite are the ones with the plants. Love the subtleness of the textures you added. - It is fun and interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Even though I'm a "newbie" to photography and don't know much about texturing/layering I'm enjoying this a lot.

Kathy said...

Fabulous shots and what a perfect time to walk and take photos.