Monday, September 19, 2011



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Bubbles, big bubbles, I mean really big - I had to stop and watch.

All they were using was string looped onto canes and a big bucket of liquid - so much fun from such simple tools.

I’d watched jugglers and unicyclists and people sitting on tall poles and squeezing through tennis racquets and hoola hooping but these bubbles were my favourite street entertainment at the Fringe this year.


The big word art I used as the title is from Ali Edwards – I’m really enjoying using several of her overlays at the moment.  The texture in the background is a texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art.  I created the template – probably subliminally inspired by Cathy Z.

Are you a bubble fan?

When you date a layout to you put the date you created it or, as I have here, the date the event took place? 


Sian said...

Wow! amazing bubble pictures. I put the date it took place on the front and the date I created it on the back inside a little tag stamp I have

Jimjams said...

I put the date of the photos on the front - I used to be good and date the back with when I finished the page too as well as the supplies used ... and then I thought WHY? Who is really going to be interested in exactly when I made the page or what PP I'd used ... so now it's just the date of the photo/journalling somewhere on the front or the back!

Love the bubbles - you've had some great "free" entertainment this summer!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Yes, I'm a bubble girl myself! LOVE them! I take a bottle of bubbles with me every where I go - camping, concerts, picnics, you name it. I love the photos you have of these super big bubbles!

As far as the date, I usually include the date somewhere on my page - sometimes it's really small in the corner somewhere. I like Sian's solution using front and back...

Alison said...

Funnily enough, I took photographs of a guy doing exactly the same thing yesterday! We came upon him while we were wandering around Barcelona!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

I love bubbles and have a little bottle in my bag, I blow them at my singing group when we sing 'I'm forever blowing bubbles...' everyone just loves them! I love the texture & colour on your page, it's really beautiful.
I use the date I make the page on the front.