Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer photo hunt–instalment 11


‘The hunt has got to her’ I can hear you thinking ‘there are no crocodiles on the list, or butterflies, or animals decorated with butterflies’

Don’t worry, the pressure of finding the final items hasn’t got to my sanity – this is part of a political protest that I stumbled upon when I was in town this week.


The animals have been decorated by artists and will be auctioned to raise money.  In the meantime they are hiding around the city.  The website says that the concept will travel to other cities worldwide.


Jimjams said...

Awesome sculptures.

Miriam said...

What a wonderful thing to see! I am hoping to see the elephants when they get to a city near me. The scavenger hunt really 'got me' this summer. I am hoping for another one. I like the time scales on this one.

Sian said...

I'll be looking out for them here, then! Mind you, even if I catch them I'll still be nowhere near as close to finishing as you are. Great stuff!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

LOL - these photos are great and I was wondering where you were going with it when I saw the crocodile at the beginning of this post.

LOVE the pirate photos below. The pirate and political protest are still ones that I need for the hunt. Well done, Helena! xo

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is the prettiest political protest yet!

angelfish said...

These sculptures are amazing. We had great fun last summer hunting all the lions in Bath.

Alison said...

I did wonder where that crocodile was going to fit in!
Alison xx

hannah said...

I want one!
That croc is seriously beautiful.
Thank you for showing us.

Carletta said...

A few years ago in Virginia I saw horses, and huge apples. The horses were done for profit.
In the City of Virginia Beach they have painted mermaids at different establishments.
I would have loved to have seen this. :)