Wednesday, September 28, 2011

recognising the everyday shot

Yesterday I walked into my living room and looked at the sofa and thought – that is an everyday shot – it sums up part of my life right now.


I used it with an overlay from Cathy Z and printed as a normal size photo.  This is becoming my favourite method of memory keeping.

Have you had one of those moments or shots recently?


Sian said...

I'm sitting on my brown sofa with some purple knitting beside me :)

I've been thinking about your magazine suggestions - you had some great points well made and I'll be thinking about them when I am creating my layouts

humel said...

What a super idea :) I haven't, but I'm going to start looking out for them immediately!

Joanna said...

Ahh the simple things in life! How relaxing is this shot!? Lovely :) xo

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great post today. What a great reminder to capture these things.

Ginger said...

Love how warm and cozy that photo looks, makes me want to curl right up on that couch :)

Elizabeth said...

I like the clean and simple style you used.

Miriam said...

Hi Helena. I think that this is just why I like the LSNED project, it is a slice of my life right now. Nothing fancy, just everyday stuff.