Monday, July 18, 2011

the critters on my plants

The Crazy Days of Summer had me focussing up close on some of the plants this week – and not for the flowers.



These ants swarm all up and down one of my roses – don’t know why this one is particularly desirable.  As far as I know they are not harming the rose so I leave them.

Which is not true of my next subject – I admit this is the first time I have squished something after photographing it but I am waging war on the slugs who seem to think that I plant lettuces for their benefit!!


If you are game for more up close encounters with other critters head over to the Crazy Days of Summer link up.


Jimjams said...

I find ants absolutely fascinating - slugs less so. I have several living in my compost bin that are 1" wide and about 3" long - YUK. I have been waging war on Lily Beetles this summer: easily found due to their bright red coats, but they make me feel guilty - a bit like killing ladybirds IYKWIM! The lily beetle larvae don't evoke such feelings however - encased in their own excrement they make a lovely squishy mess!

Alison said...

I am enthralled by ants too..can sit and watch them for ages- slugs are definately a no no though! Great pics Helena
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

Yukky slugs... bleah...

I like the ants on our roses too. We think they are "farming aphids" actually - what do you think?

project alicia said...

Yikes! lol. That actually grossed me out a little and I thought I had seen almost everything. Great capture though. Thanks for participating with the Crazy Days of Summer!

david said...

The small black creatures, the ants use them as 'cows' and get honeydew from them

david said...

should have said the small black creatures are aphids