Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 photos I took 3 years ago

For Texture Tuesday this week Kim’s challenge was ‘3’ – however we wanted to interpret that.

I started by looking at photos that I took 3 years ago when I was still living in Wellington, New Zealand.  So some different photos – but similar themes to what I take now. I chose 3 to texturise.


A fantastic game of rugby – The New Zealand All Blacks beat the Irish team 21-11 in a lively game (I looked it up – my memory for details is not that geeky!). 

It was cold and wet and the photo is taken from a distance under lots of strong lights.  The texture lightened the grass and makes the players stand out more.  Texture is luminous on soft light blending mode.


My coffee by the beach habit started in Wellington so this is a happy memory even though it was cold enough to be wearing boots.

Again the texture lightened and added contrast – luminous texture on soft light blending mode.  Then I added the overaly as a nice placeholder for the caption – the font is Universal Fruitcake


And this is the beach that I photographed a lot in Wellington – those buildings are part of the airport (it has water at both ends of the runway).

I wanted to create an old postcard look with the texture.  I was having trouble finding a blending mode that I liked on the water, the land and the sky but nothing was working on all 3 bits.  So I used a different blending mode of different parts of the photo and erased the parts that I did not want then layered them together.  I like this approach and will use it again.  I used luminous texture again and the blending modes are – colour dodge on the sky, colour burn on the water and hard light on the land.  The font is Lemon Chicken and I added a thin stroke layer style to give the outline.

To see how others interpreted 3 with their texturising head over to Kim’s blog.

If you are frustrated with texturising or any other part of using PhotoShop Elements, and you think an hour of one on one help would suit you then check out my one on one tutorials.


Sherry said...

How pretty your pictures turned out. I like the beach one very much.

Sian said...

I really like the old postcard look too. It would look great printed out onto card

Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful texture work!!

Pat said...

I especially like the coffee cup on the beach - well done!

debsea said...

helena~ love all three of your photos! (what's not to love about a field full of soccer players...)
your second photo could be me! i think we may be twins. i love the postcard look you gave it.
the third photo is stunning. it looks vintage. i'm intrigued at how you layered/erased textures to make them work for each section - i would have never thought of doing that, and it really turned out fabulous!

Miriam said...

These are fabulous and yes the old postcard look i wonderful.

Lizzie said...

I like these - the texture finishes are so cool. Coffee at the beach... sigh... beach... I would love to go to the beach.
Wellington always looks like such a lovely place - maybe I will go there one day.
I like the photo of the rugby match best!

Renee Howell said...

What a great theme! Love your "postcards." I like to turn my photos into postcard looking themes, too. Love the green on the field!

Lynne said...

Beautiful work and cool idea!