Monday, July 11, 2011

anniversary BBQ


Really in a LO groove at the moment.

Last week we had a BBQ to mark my parent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years). 

As I say in the journaling – we planned a BBQ and luckily it was sunny after weeks of rain.

I have made a mini album for my parents (I will post photos when it is finished) and decided that for my album I wanted one simple page that captured the atmosphere.  I may well create some other pages later with more of the photos.

For this layout I used a template by Katie Pertiett and made some changes.  This is what it looked like originally.  I changed the paper size, changed the title, moved the heart so I could use the box for journaling, and increased the photos so that the lines were over them rather than around them.

The font is Segeo Script


If you are intrigued by digital scrapbook layouts and using Photoshop Elements but would like some help getting started then check out my ‘getting started with pse’ one on one tutorials.


Amy said...

An excellent adaptation Helena, I really like the idea of extending the photos - it works well as you have a paler background.

Miriam said...

I like this Helena, I use a lot of Katie Pertiett templates, so glad to see someone else takes them apart!