Sunday, June 12, 2011

peeks of my week

I’ve been trying to complete the photo scavenger hunt with things I am doing during the week and not stage any.  I think the challenges are getting harder – but then it is a challenge.  The first one, long exposure, is hard with a point and click but after several attempts finally worked out a way to make it work.


Long exposure – starting a new shape on my zentangle page.  I enjoy these doodles and have been learning more patterns each week to add to my repertoire. 


Shape – last week we went to see the red kites, a bird that used to be native in Scotland but was shot out of existence and has now been re-introduced.  The curve of the tail and fingered ends to the wings are their distinctive shape.


Green – on our walk to the waterfall (in my last post) we walked along through beech trees and Douglas firs – I loved the contrasting greens of the two trees.


Fruit – I will have a good crop from the strawberry plants I put in my garden this year


Childhood memories – Yesterday I went to the Leith festival gala day which has lots of performances and stalls from local groups.  We used to go to several local fairs when I was a child.  Yesterday it rained all day but this did not deter the stall holders or the visitors – and I remember going to fairs in the rain as a child too so a double memory.

To see how others interpreted the five items in the scavenger hunt, check here.


Sam said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Blogger has been playing me up lately so have not been able to post comments for anyone. Love your photos and the fair looked grat in spite of the rain x

deb duty said...

Love your green photo! Both trees are beautiful and they make an interesting photo together. The festival looks fun even in the rain.

Nukke said...

I like your green a lot !!!!!That childhood memory is so from real life ! And it mus thave been fun and different as you still remember it.
Have a nice day :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love a good festival - really liking your first shot too.

DAYS said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
You mentioned erasing a bit of the texture off the centre of flowers: can one do it without using a mask and can it be done after saving the image?
Your soft fruit looks a whole lot better than mine: the drought put a stop to much of our produce.

DAYS said...
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DAYS said...

Forgot to say that the deeper the curve at the end if the tail, the older the kite.