Friday, June 17, 2011

on the 1 day of summer


day os sumemr text

I collect sketches and templates, lots of them, I admit.  Many in my collection I have not used and a few I have used many times.

On Wednesday when I opened Shimelle’s sketch of the week post and saw this sketch I was inspired to create a page right then – this sketch clicked for me and I had a photo and a story that I wanted to scrap. Usually a ‘what we did this summer’ need lots and lots of photos but we have had only one really sunny day so far so I liked the idea of a one photo layout for this story.

I’m sure I’ll use this sketch again – space for a story, prominence for a picture, and a small spot for some pretty if I feel like it but it would work without too. I stuck closely to the sketch because it all worked for me on this story / scrapping session.

I created the multi person photo using the eraser on PSE. All ‘papers’ are created on PSE using the colour picker tool to take colours from the photo.  The flower on the squares is a brush from sleepwalkerfish that I used as an eraser (like a punch).  The font is travelling typewriter.  The idea of copying the text at larger size comes from simple Aussie girls.


Sian said...

I love this big photo Helena - it does a great job of telling the story

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

You are so clever, Helena! I had to do a 'double take' when I fist saw your photo on this post. LOL. I love this!

Jimjams said...

Brilliant page - so clever!

Amy said...

My goodness you are such a clever lady - I am super impressed with your photoshop talents! I am muddling my way through trying to adapt text to look like letterpress, I found a great tutorial but started too late at night and it all felt like double-dutch!

Thanks so much for the support you have shown the SAG blog, we all appreciate it and I'm glad you found a little inspiration over there!