Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embracing the sense of taste

In romancing the Ordinary, Sarah Ban Breathnach encourages us to notice and embrace all of our senses.
Last week I was thinking about this as I was cooking dinner and about easy ways to incorporate the ideas into daily life. I got to thinking about the added pleasure from a meal when I add the right sauce or dressing. There are several that I know I like but often don’t go and find them in my recipe books once I have started cooking.

So I was thinking if I noted down a few and had them to hand in the kitchen then I would use them and thus have some plausible pleasures to hand.

So I turned to my scrapping supplies and decided that a business card page protector that I could attach to my fridge would work well – the plastic is practical and the 10 slots are the right size. I could have created a template in PSE or Word and typed up the cards. But I decided to handwrite on card as I thought of the recipes I wanted. When I left my last job I kept several boxes of business cards because I find the plain backs very useful for crafting projects. The cards were great for this project as they are already the right size for the pockets. I decorated each with finds from my small bits of card collection and a strip of washi tape on each for continuity.

Here is one of the recipes which originated from Nigella’s Express by Nigella Lawson.  Caper sauce – she pours over green veg but I like it over root veg too – melt 75g butter then stir in 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of capers – then pour over the veg. (It is also yum without the capers)

Interesting where inspiration can lead. If you want the chance to be inspired by Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Romancing the Ordinary this month, as part of Sian’s Pass the Book project then please go to Monday’s post and leave a comment. I will make the draw on the morning of Monday 6 June (UK time).


Sian said...

I love this idea! Very neat indeed.

Mel said...

What a great idea! I might do something like this for the little recipes that I have to keep looking up even though I use them often...

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Fab idea - this looks great

Jimjams said...

Great idea - you could use this for all sorts of applications not just sauces - a week's recipes/activities/shifts?

Alison said...

What a good would save trawling through the Recipe Books every time!
Alison xx