Friday, October 22, 2010

photo a day week 42


1. paper, glue, creative fun

2. visited Impressionist exhibition on its last day

3. rather grey and empty by the sea

4. listening to the radio via the internet, so easy

5. street lights are still on when I get up (7.30)

6. my only Halloween bite this year – bat  biscuit from the baker

7. flying again

So all you sleuths out there – yes I’m off travelling again.  Last week I had my packing list and immunisation, I’m away for Halloween and I’ve been in a plane.  I won’t tease you and make you wait til next week to know where I am now – in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, doing some work with the Electoral Commission.  I’ll share photos when I’ve been here for more than a few hours.

Deb asked last week how I  will display my year of photos.  I’m putting them into a week a page template which I will have printed as a square photobook.  Here is a double spread example – the colour of the background and round button change for each double spread.




Be sure to come back on Sunday for travel opportunities in blogland with the Let’s Eat Blog Hop


Deb said...

The photo of the airplane shadow is awesome, Helena! And I really love the format you've chosen for your project! Thanks for answering my question. :o)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What an awesome trip to take.

humel said...

Great collection of pics - especially loving the crafts, sea and plane! Have a good trip xx